Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My 2007 MEM's - A Round-up - for introspection and correction

Before we proceed to commit our share of gaffe's and screw-up's in the New year, I think we should try to take a little time to reflect on some of the pile-up's and near misses of the dear departed year gone by. I though long and heard over my THREE MOST EMBARASSING MOMENTS of 2007 and how I dealt with them and hope to avoid getting caught in such again.

1. Encouter at OK Corral aka. Satyam Theatre

This was an incident which involved me only margially. Yet, unaccountably I slinked out of the theatre where I had gone to watch a movie with P- like I had been surprised doing something I shouldn't have done - just because we had happened to run into (quite accidentally) my good acquitances SK and GP who had accompanied their Chief M**** Ma'm to watch Kamalhasan's movie- Vettaiyadu Vellaidu (Hunt&Play) which is what they seem to have done in the darkened theatre sitting on either side of M... Ma'm. I and P- who had gone to watch the movie stayed huddled in our seats throughout the interval hoping they wouldn't notice us - and sneaking out after lights off to relieve ourselves - which looks pretty stupid now - considering we two guys werent doing anything wrong .But why , oh, why did we feel so embarassed then? and Patted ourselves on not being observed By Them?. I hope those poor guys dont get into any trouble with the college authorities-if this news leaks upwards that they have been fraternizing socially, too socially, with the faculty. And besides it isn't worth the risk. I, personally, wouldn't be caught dead in a theatre with a 50 yr old female even if she happens to be the arbiter of my fate and my thesis guide (one and the same?)- M will most probably get away with it; but these two guys are dead meat if one of the other HOD's gets to know- which is bound to happen eventually - given the abundance of spies and sneaks in the college.

2. Thrice I say Nay and refuse the Crown- Caesar style

This was a totally ridiculous situation compounded by my own dilemna. In 2006 like everyone else, I had made a pass at the new hottie of the college and not getting far - dropped the idea and moved on. Consider my surprise, when in 2007 -at the fag end of my academic career- she gets back to me with a counter proposal. I just wasn't prepared for this. I had all but cleansed college and all its inmates from my mind and was looking forward to living it up on the outside -post college life. So, I politely turned her down -offering as a reason my up-coming exams and the necessity of not being diverted from my studies with unncessary complications. So consider my surprise when over the coming few weeks the girl continued to pester me with new offers- unable or unwilling to take a hint - forcing me into embarassing denials and refusals -when I knew that any other guy on campus would give an arm and a leg to have my sweet problem...But I had made up my mind to move on from college life and I didn't want any extra baggage to remind me of it. Hence I kept turning down the crown- a la Caesar.

3. Horses for Courses - A good trainer ought to know that before everything else

The final embarassing moment worthy of introspection is having been invited to a totally grooving party - I had made the mistake of taking along a friend of - shall we say restricted up-bringing and conservative mindset who had expressed an ardent desire to see how the the other half of the world lives and enjoys. This friend was like fish out of the water in the party neither enjoying nor allowing me to enjoy the atmosphere - so much so that we had to make an early exit as I just coud'nt get into the zone with such constant interruptions. Lesson learnt for the future - get rid of the holier than thou types when heading out to enjoy the evening...

These three qualify for the three most embarassing moments of a long drawn , successful and pleasurable year 2007. On my three most successful moments (or conquests) - more in my next blog...