Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Spirit Vs. The Flesh - an unequal fight?

Last night was a far too hectic night and I'm feeling my age today considerably. Now before you get any wicked ideas let me give you the brief round-up on last evenings activities. I’m approaching thirty in a few weeks (on September 9th)- quite a big landmark in everyone's life. And, yeah, I have a lot of friends who are in their thirties. Some are single. Some are married. Some are still trying to figure out their jobs and what they want to do with their lives. That’s very relatable to me as I am sort of in the same boat. I really believe in the expression, “the thirties really are the new twenties.” Everybody’s supposed to have everything together in their thirties, but most of us don’t. We’re still trying to figure it out. The question asked of me most frequently by assorted friends and relatives is - "What’s wrong with you? Why are you still single?" Especially, when you go to weddings you have to see all these people whom you haven’t seen in years who are asking why you aren’t married and if you have, why you didn't inform them. They can't appreciate that being single and a working professional (without college and exams and all that tension) really allows you to blossom in the creative arts. Especially , the art of dancing.

And now, that I have been attending a few dancing classes a group of my old, old, school friends suggested it was time to try out my skills in the real world. So, a few of the guys got together and made me go along with them to a place called (I think) Platinum at Hotel Aruna in Nungambakkam. My date for the evening (who was briefly and suddenly introduced to me and definitely not my type) had a reputation for being one of the best dancers in our friends group ( a joke played on me by one my wicked wise guy friends). I mean, that should have rung alarm bells for me. But fogged as I am by my recent renaisssance at the fount of youth - namely all play and no work, I stupidly went along with the crowd and allowed myself to be dragged to the Pub/Discotheque. Once there I realized my folly. My date was atleast ten years younger than me- in her late teens I believe ; a very energetic and enthusiastic dancer and despite my best intentions I started to tire out soon. The spirit my dear readers was more than willing but the poor flesh was weak. I was forced to retire from the field (the dance floor) halfway through with cramps in my leg- my left knee buckled actually and I sat down at a corner to watch my date dance with the other guys, probably muttering good riddance at my direction... And did that help... By God , I was soon back on my feet - all pain forgotten (relegated to a corner of the mind to be dealt with later) and I returned to the fray fully charged up. I wont lie to you dear reader and say I outlasted everyone - but I kept pace with the gang and earned their respect (bewildernment, astonishment, appreciation -stage by stage). Late in the evening when we came out of there - I walked away with my head held high - genuinely proud of my bloody-mindedness and my willpower to last the distance and not to give up till I die (whichever is earlier)

So, does age still matter? What if I turn thirty, its still not the end of the world... I can date girls in their twenties and keep dancing away all night (with a little more practice) can't I?

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Ex-Guys Club - of She Who Must Not Be Named

Now let me make it clear - the title is merely a re-working of the "First Wives Club" movie and doesn't mean anything sinister- so don't let your imaginations run riot. Anyway, I was in the BCL- British Council Library today around mid-noon, to check out the books (and babes). And I ran into an old acquaintance of mine after a long time. After the usual High-fives and "Hi! Machi, howya Doin's" we got down to some serious talk. Seems the guy was loooking for a shoulder to cry on and I got caught.

His problem was pretty serious too - his current girlfriend was two-timing him. And as his current girlfriend was my Ex-girlfriend he was looking for some meaningfull advice and uniques insights from me on the situation. My first reaction was to giggle in glee - after all the reason I Broke up with "SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED" was because I had a more than sneaking suspicion that she was two-timing me with this guy sitting sobbing beside me. When I first confirmed the truth about it(due to my extensive network of friends everywhere) - I confronted her head-on and gently told her I appreciated her nimble footwork - but No; I wouldn't be the fall guy. Besides, as usual, I hadn't done much emotional investing in the relationship- it was more a partnership of convenience - being thrown together in the same place and same time. Besides - I always had a doubt (my pricking conscience?) that she was favoring me with her attentions because I was a popular senior in college and she'd have much to gain from me. Commonsense is always correct - so I escaped with minimal fuss - unlike the moron sitting beside me, who thought he was achieving something great by filching his batch-mate from me - a hated senior. Now he was sobbing beside me and accusing her of going out(secretly) with the choice pick-up from the current crop of juniors (the new first years). Attagirl, I wanted to say- she's got spirit - to pick up young kids and show them the wild side of life - a complete college education, indeed.

The news that she was Three- timing everyone has greatly increased my fascination for her (psychologically) and I feel indulgently nostalgic- girls like that are very rare, aren't they? To match the guys in lusting after every new hunk in college - she's a true American soul in a Indian body... Male chauvinists may say she's wrong - but to hell with it - that girl's got spunk to go against public opinion with a devil may care attitude. Its just what every guy does but is it wrong when a girl does it? I'd like to send her an SMS saying "Girl, Go for it" but I don't want to stir up an already muddled situation. I'm pretty proud to be in her Ex-Guys Club. What say you?