Sunday, June 20, 2010

Celeb Culture: Chennaifornication.

I grew up in the late 80's and early 90's in what was then called the good old, innocent town of Ole'Madras. Madrasi's as we were known outside the city limits were decent honourable people known for their hard work. Then worked, worked some more and then went home to relax. Of course, a few stories of hard partying types surfaced now and then...but they were discounted by the majority as they were few and far between. Then something changed. Madras became Chennai. And everywhere the change stares at us in our face.

Chennai - as it called now- has a very hip and happening paty culture. It has three categories of party people :
1) The Celebs - film stars...and film stars only.
2) Quasi celebs- hangers-on with film stars- like directors, music directors, brothers of directors, film producers with political links, children of film stars
3) Pseudo-celebs- the rest of us (including me), Socialities, wannabe-socialities, bussiness-people, spouses of business-people, sportspersons, personal tariners of film stars, stylists of filmstars, freinds of filmstars etc.

So if you have to be famous or atleast recogized in chennai- you have to be connected someway or other wth films. Otherwise even the bouncers at the most common place(where they let in anyone, but, anyone) night spot in Chennai (think 10-D) wont admit you without a little extra to grease your entry.

Fortunately, i was able to wangle an entry (personally invited) to an exclusive and happenng-do where i was exposed to the real meaning of celeb-culture. And what better way to spend a saturday then to analyse the changing soical mores of your city. Most celebs- young actors- love to drape women over their bodies. The girls range from all ages to all sizes and the more's the merrier.

There was this young(?) actor(brother of a famous director)- two films old(produced by his father, of course) with a group of hangers-on(gym buddies?) cheering him on as he draped himself with four different girls over the course of the evening.

Then there was the other actor- with one film to his credit(village subject on sports)- produced of course by his Dad(a high-ranking police officer of all things) and already showing all signs of a bad case of "I am a Celebrit-itis" hanging out with the youngest looking girls on display.

And then there was the music-director (loud and illogical songs?) looking to turn into a actor trying so hard(failing miserably) to join the "youth brigade" with the worst possible choice of "Youthfull" clothes.

And then, the dancer turned actor(action?)- surrounded all the time by his very own party group wherever he goes, always singing his praises as loud as possible (to drown even the loud music) and egging him onto drape himself wth any and everygirl who passes by.

And me, poor me, standing off to one corner, observing all the people and wondering what the hell has happened to my city. that these people could fornicate like this in public and the heavens dont strike them down with lightning bolts?

Isnt the end of days near? Or is this all the effect of Kalyug?