Sunday, April 11, 2010

Paiyya - Review

Happened to catch up on Paiyya this saturday noon show at Satyam- courtesy of a un-expected stroke of Good fortune - a friend's friend's wife turning sick at the last minute getting me a last minute invite for the empty seat. To say I enjoyed the movie is an understatement. The friend I was with was a class act- absolutely hilarious- the commentary kept pouring out as the action unfolded on screen- so much so that I am wondering now how much fun I had missed previously watching movies alone. Take it from me - Tamil movies are made to be watched with your group of friends- a lesson learnt at last.

To get back to the movie -what struck me most was the absolutely stunning styling of the lead pair...considering that it is an on-road movie. Karthi's costumes really strike the contemporary grunge-chic look and Tamannah manages to pull off stunning outfits quite casually. The music is neither too haunting nor thankfully jarring but just keeps the story moving. The story as usual in tamil films is formula ridden- loving an unknown girl, bashing up the villians, chases, fights etc with the hero making the heroine fall in love with him only at the end of the movie inspite of wooing her throughout the film's journey of Bangalore to Mumbai.

Some of the baddies in the movie- like Milind Soman and his Side-kicks could give lessons to other Kollywood directors on how to dress up their heroes- all those recent ultra-low budget madurai oriented movies with guys in lungies parading around has sickened me of tamil films recently. This summer has finally shown the change in the air- first up VTV and now Paiyya. The whole moive is one stylish, racy flick.

Just two questions remain in the end...
1) will you suddenly make up your mind and fall in love if your lovers friends express his love for you? dont you have a mind/heart of your own?
2) Why the Title Paiyya?