Friday, May 25, 2007

Why Audi Altem Partem?

  Why Audi Altem Partem? What The Hell Is It?

This is a question bound to arise in you my dear reader, again and again; as you go through my blog over the next few times. So let me clear this right at the outset. The Above Title is a Famous Legal Quotation with the meaning of "Hear The Other Side". Quite simply stated there are two sides to everything, but more often we tend to hear only the side favoring us. This blog is a reflection (I Hope) of my thinking process where I think out loud both sides of the equation about some key events of my young life. 

This unfortunate and rare habit (as rare as Parseltongue - the ability to converse with snakes, you muggles) was inculcated into me from quite an young age due to the circumstance of my being the sole heir (and the future prince) of two outstanding legal luminaries who trained me to see the opposite in everything - as a prelude to making me good enough to take up either the prosecution or the defense of a case- whichever pays more. I was also submitted to thorough and frequent cross-examinations and tough one's at that, almost daily as a routine to toughen me up to legally deny any knowledge of various small stuff I pulled off at school - complaints of which reached home. 

Having such a background has helped me in my later days to dispassionately analyze any shocking incident, like for example, getting dumped, and then thinking, "My God ; I deserved that, if I had been going out with myself - I would have done the same". But more about that episode in my next blog. Anyway this is a small curtain raiser, for the tumultuous events I am going to confess about soon and hope this explanation helps you, Dear Reader, in following the convoluted workings of my confused mind.. Be seeing you....