Friday, August 3, 2007

The Ex-Guys Club - of She Who Must Not Be Named

Now let me make it clear - the title is merely a re-working of the "First Wives Club" movie and doesn't mean anything sinister- so don't let your imaginations run riot. Anyway, I was in the BCL- British Council Library today around mid-noon, to check out the books (and babes). And I ran into an old acquaintance of mine after a long time. After the usual High-fives and "Hi! Machi, howya Doin's" we got down to some serious talk. Seems the guy was loooking for a shoulder to cry on and I got caught.

His problem was pretty serious too - his current girlfriend was two-timing him. And as his current girlfriend was my Ex-girlfriend he was looking for some meaningfull advice and uniques insights from me on the situation. My first reaction was to giggle in glee - after all the reason I Broke up with "SHE WHO MUST NOT BE NAMED" was because I had a more than sneaking suspicion that she was two-timing me with this guy sitting sobbing beside me. When I first confirmed the truth about it(due to my extensive network of friends everywhere) - I confronted her head-on and gently told her I appreciated her nimble footwork - but No; I wouldn't be the fall guy. Besides, as usual, I hadn't done much emotional investing in the relationship- it was more a partnership of convenience - being thrown together in the same place and same time. Besides - I always had a doubt (my pricking conscience?) that she was favoring me with her attentions because I was a popular senior in college and she'd have much to gain from me. Commonsense is always correct - so I escaped with minimal fuss - unlike the moron sitting beside me, who thought he was achieving something great by filching his batch-mate from me - a hated senior. Now he was sobbing beside me and accusing her of going out(secretly) with the choice pick-up from the current crop of juniors (the new first years). Attagirl, I wanted to say- she's got spirit - to pick up young kids and show them the wild side of life - a complete college education, indeed.

The news that she was Three- timing everyone has greatly increased my fascination for her (psychologically) and I feel indulgently nostalgic- girls like that are very rare, aren't they? To match the guys in lusting after every new hunk in college - she's a true American soul in a Indian body... Male chauvinists may say she's wrong - but to hell with it - that girl's got spunk to go against public opinion with a devil may care attitude. Its just what every guy does but is it wrong when a girl does it? I'd like to send her an SMS saying "Girl, Go for it" but I don't want to stir up an already muddled situation. I'm pretty proud to be in her Ex-Guys Club. What say you?

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