Sunday, December 27, 2009

COP15- The climate change story

I am vindicated. Although it gives me no pleasure to say so - i still feel vindicated. Long, long ago, back when the primary elections for nominations to the US Presidency were going on - I supported Hillary Cinton for the reason that she was pretty much predictable. But the American Public rejected my advice in favour of Obama and see where we are. As I rightly feared Obama as president has been all show and no substance- what we in India term a "benami" - a front, a smooth talking presidential front, for all sorts of vested interests. A no-name African-American waltzing to the front of the presidency with campaign contributions raised on the internet- seriously how gullible can you get?

And now its there for all to see- President Obama waltzs into Copenhagen, bullies and threatens a core group of nations to provide him with what he wants - a "historic" photo-op and jets back to Washington. Meanwhile the climate talks are dead- the planet is burning - everyone keeps passing the buck to the next person in the line and by the time we get our act together it is going to be far more difficult to cut back on the ever increasing emission levels.

Add to that the world wide paranoia against nuclear energy - ironic isn't it, considering that the very sunlight we need for survival (plants eat photons of sunlight-photosnythesis, animals eat plants and we eat animals, hence we eat sunlight)- ultimately everyone on planet earth derive their energy from the suns rays, which are produced by a fusion reaction inside the sun- a natural nuclear reaction - clean nuclear energy.

The future of mankind lies in directly harnessing the sun's photons(solar energy) or in controlled fusion reactions. we have reached the end of fossil fuels.. time to kickstart the nuclear energy research race, isnt it? And what happened in Copenhagen? everyone was indulging in blame games- demanding compensation and atonement.

People it is time to move on - and for our species to do that we need effective and intelligent leadership. Sadly the whole world seems to be missing that. We dont need publicity hogs, we need real leaders with working agendas. so who is to bell the cat?

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