Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Slip- in my Non-Existent Fashion Knowlege?

Spent an interesting hour with a friend discussing High-Art. Aka Womens Fashions. Needless to mention that neither I nor my friend are extremely competent judges of womens wear but, hold on, let it be displayed on a female body, especially a nice and lissome lass and there is not a better connoisseur within fifty miles of the city.

The object of our discussion was that elusive and rarely visible part of a womens undergarment called colloquially "The Slip". According to the best informed sources....AKA Google search, a Slip is an essential part of the female wardrobe worn under transparent/semi-transparent/translucent/see-through garments. Although what is the point of wearing a transparent dress if you are gonna wear an opaque slip under it to cover everything up baffles understanding..But as all males, right from the one and original Adam of Paradise fame has failed to understand the workings of the female mind since time immemorial, who am I to even attempt to?

The object of attention/discussion made an unexpected appearance at the top Hang-out spot of North Madras....Abirami Mall..a Budget destination for the light pursed citizens of North Chennai..who unlike the Spencers and Inox crowd prefer to hang out in family-sized groups ranging from a minimum of 15 to 40 or more family- outing groups. This naturally makes those Brave hearted (or foolhardy?) romantic couples who brave the heat to venture into Abirami Mall - a part of the local sight-seeing attraction as entire families stand around and Gawk at the poor unfortunate couples....sometimes I am sorely tempted to stand up, wave and start handing out autographs the next time a family group stares at me as if I am a leftover of one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

In such a crowd did I spot the elusive whitish garment and pointing it out to my friend commented derisively that women will never learn to match undergarments with upper...confident in the knowledge that who after all is going to notice? forgetting the existence of Eagle-Eyes like self and friend. My friend with infinitely more experience and close aquaintance with womens underclothing not only corrected my mistake that it was a B** and identified it as a "SLIP"..the purpose of which he failed to explain and wanted me to learn from that infallible authority -Google.

All afire from a desire to learn the purpose of a garment which from all intents and purposes fails to satisfy its primary to shield its wearer from prying eyes but on the contrary enhanced the awesome figure and shape of the girl wearing it- I hurried home and went on to Google Search where I was offered a variety of those garments in different colours and styles from on-line stores which offered to ship them to me within 48 hours. I politely declined the offer as I could envision no circumstance under which I would be wanting to wear a slip right now...but in the future who knows? I might have to acquire a few of the same for my wife (post-marriage- whenever it happens) and other assorted women of my life....

So finally my knowledge of Female Fashions has increased by approximately one item...THE SLIP. and I am storing it up for future use.....

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