Friday, July 9, 2010

A lonely weekend coming up.....

Atlast a weekend with nothing to do- no plans- coming up...And guess what instead of feeing relieved about it (as i thought i would)- i am actually not looking forward to it. I am quite sure i am going to be bored, sad, depressed and moody. It's sunday evenings that i actually miss never getting married. Being single is all fine on saturdays- when i could go out and hang out with friends. But on sundays, every damn guy i know- stays home with wifey, watching TV. They are actually quite happy to do it- week after week, month after month, never changing the routine. Me, I would grow bored of it within one month. Or would i?(just Sore grapes?)

Seriously, I must find a new hobby or something new to occupy me on sunday evenings...I even miss school/college- feeling nostalgic about doing my week's homework(in a hurry)in a single day- on sunday evening/night before going to school the next day. Never thought I would come to this state. Is this what growing old is all about? even thinking with longing all the past horrors?

I used to have a friend who specialized on sunday arguments/fights....i understand now the reason behind it. Silly of me, I didnt realize it was all due to boredom. I used to take the fights i miss even those hour-long arguments. It seems life/all my friends have moved on- without me- I am left behind- all alone. Gotta change something in my life - too boring right now.

So, what should I do to change my boring life? Shake it up a bit? Should i elope with someone? to some foreign country? That would make my life all interesting - atleast for a few days. Or should I try to get legitimately married- you know- like an arranged marriage? But although I am now willing (more than)- my dad is not. He keeps going about the house with a bunch of horoscopes of girls- murmuring Sani Dasa, Rahu/Ketu Dosha, Sevvai Graha etc...I feel like tearing up all those horoscopes and screaming at him- "Dad forget all this damn astrology stuff-I dont give a shit for them...just dont believe them- get me a girl I can "connect with"

But, I dont...he is my DAD- my well-wisher and he is doing all this stuff for me- misguided though he is. So, I grin and endure. And feel all lonely. Waiting for the time when somebody turns up to light my sundays too- make me watch TV beside them. Hope it happens soon.

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