Sunday, August 8, 2010

My 3 Wishes....for the New Year

It's exactly a month to my next birthday and I have thought about 3 things to accomplish within the next 30 days. I am not entirely sure whether i can do all three or atleast one of them but i am sure as heck gonna try.

1) Top of my List is Weight Loss- I plan to lose 5kgs within the next 30 days. going to take a lot of hard work and willpower and time management. As usual I will skip one meal a day and try and work a bit more sincerely in the gym without wasting time staring at all those assorted cleavages, butts and ripped bodies on exhibit.

2) Marriage- I plan to get married or atleast engages within the next 30 days. Now this one is far more difficult as this involoves not only me but also the other party who has to agree to marry me. But no harm done in trying is there and I do have a possible candidate in mind with more than a 50% chance of not turning me down.

3)New Car- this one is actually the most doable i beieve. all it requires is to close my eyes and write a check and spend all my life's savings. I have shortlisted the Swift Dezire diesel but am sorely tempted by the Honda Jazz. But I think commonsense will prevail in the end.

So that it. My three wishes for the next month. And I will blog again on my birthday and let you know how i end up with my wishes.

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