Thursday, April 5, 2012


Now that i have started experimenting with different genres, its time to try out a Haiku:

Valid Doubt?

I'll find you anywhere in this universe.

Love burns bright like a beacon.

How did Google find you?

(P.S.Comments and suggestions are most me improve...)

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  1. hello there,
    nice first attempt.

    as you might have known, haiku is a 3 line poetry of two forms : 3-5-3 and 5-7-5

    meaning 3 syllables in first line
    5 in the second
    and again 3 syllables in the third.

    same with 5-7-5.

    look at some examples and you would surely learn it easily. i too needed help when i started haiku 5 days ago. :)
    hope this helps.
    and all the best.

    i wrote some haiku, and if it's not trouble, you can see them here :

    and you can find a whole bunch of poets who write haiku here :

    those would help.