Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy Fraandship Day….

Happy Fraandship Day….

Today is supposedly friendship day. I say supposedly because it is all based on hearsay and no one has informed me in writing that it should henceforth be called by such and such a name and as such I will not be responsible if you take issue with me and accuse me of exaggerating or inventing stuff like this. In my defense I can only point out to the half-a-hundred or so pictures people have posted on facebook –posing with either their friends or with random flowers and meadows (English countryside type) in typical Hallmark Cards ishtyle. 

The wonder of having a separate day for friendship is that people who wouldn’t hesitate to stab you in the back when you turn for a minute are the ones who are most ardent in wishing you a “happy friendship day” so early in the morning. Thankfully they are balanced out by the genuine wishes from people who have stalked you (for years) and hover online just to message you at midnight and then immediately send a “frandship” request just so they can now read your timeline (facebook/twitter) at their ease and learn firsthand about your life rather than trying to puzzle together bits and pieces from your tweets and your blogs. 

Such stalkers, nay, followers are a man’s real friends in my opinion for they are the ones who are most interested in what goes on in your mundane everyday life and wouldn’t hesitate to bravely ask you intrusive questions on delicate issues- something which even your parents won’t do. They do this purely out of the goodness of their hearts and hence should always be encouraged by sharing the salacious details of your imaginary swinging life- things which will make them imagine you dancing duets in Europe (in their dreams). They are the ones who adhere to the spirit of friendship day and can be called your true friends (with no reservations).

After reading the above tribute to friendly- stalkers if you mistake my intention in writing this post and assume that I am cribbing about the very concept of friendship day - rest assured I, like all other friendly human beings on this planet welcome friendship day wholeheartedly. I welcome it as much as I welcome all the rest of the days- doctors’ day, teachers day, beer day, bong day, aliens day, poonam pandey day and all the rest. In fact I would stick my neck out (short as it is) and say that we need an appellation for every single day of the year. That way we can celebrate all year long and keep sending greetings to all our not-so-near but dear ones.

So in the spirit of celebrating friendship day and as I don’t have a man’s best friend with me to take our pictures together I have decided to post my picture taken with my best buddy (down below) like everyone else has done. Do tell who is the smarter looker of us both….
With my Best Buddy- we even look similar

And here’s wishing you a Happy Friendship Day, Dear Friend/Reader/Commenter/Stalker….