Monday, May 5, 2014

Change Is Coming, Watch Out

Change Is Coming, Watch Out

One of the clich├ęs I hate and I hate pretty much all of them, is the one which goes "change is inevitable". Yeah I agree that change is inevitable but that doesn’t mean that one has to like it. Especially change which creeps on one- sudden and unaware and bites you in a wrong place. For regular readers of my blog- I am sure you remember my previous post at the beginning of the month where I complained about not having a good personal life while having a rocking professional life. I don’t know if what’s known as fate or destiny or god heard me or not but whoever/whatever is up there sure has a quirky sense of humor - they must have thought "hold on dude, you think you have hit rock bottom? Wait up and let me show you what rock bottom really looks like". I am a humorist myself and i appreciate a good joke as much as the other man but this kind of prank is really not to my taste. It’s like a genial host declaring to his dinner guest that he will not allow him to leave without tasting dessert and proceeding to lump it all on the plate in a heap forcing the guest to eat whether he wants to or not.

Now if you are wondering what really I am cribbing about here let me start from the beginning. All of a sudden a couple days ago I got a surprise at work, an unpleasant surprise where a lady (apparently well connected politically) turned up with a transfer order (twin transfer orders actually-hers and mine both) from the government ordering me to vacate my current post and go off to a distant land while she gets to take my place here. After the first shock of it all i looked hard to try and see if i could find any positives at all from this unpleasant reality. After a lot of barrel scraping and googling uplifting memes off the internet I read something which went like "every challenge is an opportunity" and so for the past two days I have been racking my brains hard (what little’s left) to find out the opportunity in this sudden transfer.

Now if I were a positive thinking person i would say something like how such transfer orders eventually turn out to be blessings in disguise and how instead of being a big fish in a small pond I can now go and swim in the big sea as a minnow. I would console myself with the thought that some amount of discomfort, nervousness and questioning of one’s own capacity is inevitable under such challenging circumstances. That is if i were a positive thinking person - but i am sure as hell not, all I can think of are the negatives. About how I had worked so hard here, taken a godforsaken department and built it up into a thriving concern and just when I was sitting back to relax and congratulate myself on a job well done, here I get my marching orders throwing me away into the unknown, again.

Well, my problems are my own and why should i bore you people with it all. I would just like to add this - for the next few months and possibly up to a year or so- my life will be in a constant flux. A new place, new people, new situations it is all going to be different (in a scary way) so I will not be able to update this blog as much as I used to in the past for  the priority here is going to be on survival first and then hobbies - me first and then my blog. When a minnow is thrown into a reef with sharks he has to look back over his shoulder all the item to escape being eaten and maybe, just maybe if he survives the carnage and turns into the big fish of the reef then he can blog about it. You get me?

And finally, you there up there with the weird sense of humor- let’s hope this indeed is the rock bottom, if there is still more to come in the deeps, I don’t want to see it. And dear readers and fellow bloggers and whoever else comes up on this post -the next time, the very next time you hear me cribbing about how my life is boring feel free to come around immediately to kick me up my arse. I would rather have a peaceful life than an interesting life. What say you?

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