Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lasers Vs Conventional Surgeries

Lasers Vs Conventional Surgeries

For those who ask me why lasers, well I got a one word answer for you (well, actually two words) – no sutures. Remember those sharp curved long needle things with threads attached to them which doctors poke into your body umpteen times and use weird contortionist positions to tie them into knots (knot after knot after knot?) well those stitches or sutures are “gone with the wind” baby when it comes to laser surgeries. Now coming to the other side of the argument that lasers are expensive to use and why surgeons are pushing lasers more than scalpel surgeries all the time and is it because it’s convenient for them and not for the patient. Well, I agree that surgeons more and more prefer to use lasers nowadays for even the simplest and shortest of surgeries. But it’s not only because of its convenience given that a laser surgery is done in a clean and bloodless field for laser automatically coagulates (clots) the blood vessels- thereby preventing bleeding and thereby allowing the surgeon to see what actually he is doing with sharp instruments and voila you get great results, which is what you want right?. And because the surgeon can work calmly with no blood and clear vision of the operating site – even in extremely bleeding sites like, for example, the tongue which is notorious for its rich blood supply and for bleeding excessively even for minor injuries and hence tongue injuries are a real bitch to treat (sample case below of a tongue tie patient -with a pronounced lisp- being treated by me with a laser during a tongue release surgery). And of course the USP of lasers – no stitches. Now tell me isn’t a laser worth the price?

The Tongue-tied patient

Me using the Laser to cut

Pulling back the tongue with a temporary stay suture to expose the undersurface

The End. Finis. Bye-bubyee

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