Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Incredible Hidden Message In The Airtel Advertisement

The Incredible Hidden Message In The Airtel Advertisement

The one that’s got all the usual suspects- rabid feminist types foaming at the mouth and mouthing…errr….obscenities at the ad company for showing the wife actually “Cooking” at the house…how dare she? Shouldn’t she be sitting on the couch with her feet up on a stool, chugging a chilled beer and ogling hot men on fashion TV? Like all men do at home? I mean someone has to tell all these emotionally hair-trigger women that the ad is though superficially about a telecom provider in reality it is about an entirely different issue….Ten marks to you if you know what I am talking about here- in which case you don’t have to read further on.

In case you didn’t get the subliminal message inserted to warn all unsuspecting male viewers let me borrow from Rhonda Bryn’s and tell you about “The Secret”. 

The ad is a warning to all males everywhere not to get into any affair at the office however hot your boss is and whatever seduction techniques she uses on you –like giving you extra work at late nights, making sure you stay alone at the office to finish the pending work even after all the others go home and all those well documented techniques of female seduction of unsuspecting innocent males. 

If you do the unpardonable error of letting your primal instincts get loose and let your dick do the thinking instead of your brain, my friend you are finished. Even your house is not your own house from the day you give into the temptations of the flesh. What do you want to bet that your boss will get a key to your house, go there before you (in your absence) change into something comfy, cook whatever she wants and even invite you to come and feast? The odds are gentlemen its gonna happen and its gonna happen soon- IF- you sleep with your boss. So resist the temptation, avoid your female bosses. And even if you do- change the locks immediately and don’t let her in however damn fine a cook she is. 

And finally a big thanks to the Airtel Ad makers- for taking care of the guys’ side for once. Stay Safe Guys.

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