Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Padlock and the Key……a Zen Fable for our times.

The Padlock and the Key……a Zen Fable for our times.

This story, in bits and pieces, was found in and put together from palm leaves found in a long lost monastery hidden in the wilds of the tibetan mountains and was reputed to be written in the 11th century by the Great Lama Gan-fong-shing. This is all we could find of the ancient wisdom imparted to us by the sages of the ages…

So there was this big beautiful padlock made of finely polished brass with steel lined tumblers inside guarding a safe with great wealth for whosoever had the luck to unlock it and claim for their own. Now this proud and strong lock had a mind of its own and whenever some key came near to unlock- it closed itself off and said “now go on , on your way, how can such a pathetic little creature like a key enter inside me and get my treasures. It takes a big brass lock with strong steel tumblers to even approach me, let alone touch me, open me up and take my hidden wealth” and listening to the padlock the poor keys slinked away with their tails tucked behind while the padlock hung there time after time, guarding the safe and its secrets and still awaiting the other padlock- shiny and new – which will open it at a touch. And it still waits. For no one ever told the lock or it never learned by itself that like doesn’t fit like in the real world- it’s always the diametric opposite which makes a difference and all the locks in the world however they look and feel similar cannot open each other up and all it takes is a tiny little key, although tarnished in glitter and unmatched in size but still has the right combination to open up the padlock’s secure and strong tumblers and bring rest to its seeking heart by being the right fit. The secret is- the key doesn’t matter as long as it fits. Now if only all the padlocks of this world realized this.

(P.s.Although I wrote this story once to use as a pick-up line for a girl who wasn’t interested in me but looking at other options-similar option with same tastes, somehow I never got the chance to use it on her as she moved onto the other options before I could even talk to her. So any one else needing a pick up line -please feel free to use this as your own invention- no copyright required….best of luck)

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