Friday, August 7, 2015

Make Believe It Or Not.....A Short Story

Make Believe It Or Not.....A Short Story

Call 1: Hello, hello, please please dont cut my call, just listen to me please. I am sorry for cutting your call last night so abruptly. I am, i really am sorry,  please dont be mad at me. Listen to me please,  it was a long day at work and i was so sleepy and you were repeating yourself  and i just coudnt keep my eyes open anymore and i was snoring over the phone and not snorting at you. I am free now and fresh and will listen all day long if you want me to. No wait where you are , no need to come anywhere for me.  No wait, it isn't a bother at all, i will come over there directly to meet you in five minutes. Five minutes, thats all to explain myself. Please. I am leaving now. See you in a few.

Call 2 : Machan, i need your help da. Yes i am desperate that’s why my voice is like that. I just went over to see my girlfriend and she isn't there da. Even her house isnt there da. Do you think something happened to her? What do you mean i dont have a girlfriend? You have seen us together haven't you? Dont you remember? What do you mean i am dreaming? What? I am dreaming you? Dreaming this entire conversation? Everything’s a dream? And i have to wake up now to face reality?

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