Saturday, November 17, 2007

Exotic Dating Places in Chennai

I was just talking to a young friend and he was polambifying (worrying) about the lack of interesting dating places in dear old Chennai. I mean just how many times can you take your date to Inox or not to Satyam Theatre? he was asking me. Kids these days are not creative at all. I mean in my day; back when I was actively Dating -long, long ago and so long ago - I used to be pretty creative in planning my dates. A few of the best and most exotic places I have been to on a date include

My Top 3 Dating Venues:

  1. Domestic Terminal (Kamaraj Terminal) - Chennai Airport

One of the best dating venues in Chennai - Safe, Secure, Fully Air-conditioned, with comfortable seating, good privacy and very Cheap. Except for the distance you have to travel to reach there. The first time, I discovered the opportunity to date in the airport was accidentally, when I had gone there to recieve my former girlfriend Li.. from Calcutta with a bouquetwhen she was coming back from holidays. I had planned it to be a nice surprise for her and we spent a pleasant one hour in the terminal sitting down in the well-upholstered lounge chairs they have there - telling her how much I missed her. We sort of made this a regular practise whenever she went back to calcutta or came back - till I got that job in bangalore and moved away from chennai. I have only pleasant memories of the hours I spent in the airport and of her and yes some of my later girlfriends must have been right when they complained that I was always comparing them unfairly to the standards of L.

2. Vandalur Zoo

Another cheap and secure location with lotsa privacy -good enough for a full day date - I discovered this place due to the animal (loving) instincts of my dear departed (to Hyderabad to get married) friend N. We spent two or three consecutive saturdays there having fun (in the late 90's) I havent been there recently - so I dont know the current situation.

3. Chepauk Stadium

The mega-date I planned for D. with whom I was absolutely besotted for a few weeks before I learnt her treacherous and perfidious nature included hosting her birthday party at the centre of the pitch in Chepauk stadium. Strange to say that it didn't cost as much as I was thinking - just the regular baksheesh to be shared among the watchmen there. It was an event to remember - those big empty stands and the hot blazing atmosphere as I had parked my car in the center of the pitch and the unexpectedly strong breeze which kept blowing out the candles of the cake perched on the bonnet...

Well that is a collection of all the unexpected and alternate sites I have explore. And as they say - You are only limited by your imagination.

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  1. good idea, to add woodland drive in hotel, museum, flying railway station