Sunday, December 16, 2007

Help!!! I have been hit on...

The weirdest incident happened to me recently and though it grossed me out completely at the moment - on further reflection it actually felt cool. Ok, to start from the beginning- I was at the British Council Library in Chennai recently on an afternoon- which I often do when I dont particularly have any place to go to, although I'm in the mood to hang out somewhere... Anyway I was sitting there minding my own business when this Sarong-clad (can't describe it any better) person looking like a South-east Asian walks upto the sofa and sits down beside me. He opens up his lap-top and gets busy while I am looking at Mens Health Magazine and going crazy at all those sculputed hot-bod bodybuilders (God, how long is it going to take poor ol' me to get a body like that?). Suddenly I felt a light brush on my thigh - and I thought it was accidental and let it go. A couple of minutes later I had definite confirmation that it wasn't an accident -the guy beside me ran a finger on my thigh - caressed it actually. By God, I freaked out- wanted to punch him in the face. Then decided that discretion is the better part of valor and escaped from there- literally ran out of the reading area to the lounge where lotsa people were milling about- I suppose I felt safe in a crowd. I took a moment to reflect on what happened - No, It wasn't my imagination - I'd definitely been Hit on. Girls have this happenening to them fairly frequently I suppose - they have defense mechanisms and escape codes already prepared - but for a guy it is a novel experience. Now what made that guy try his move on me? do i look like...? God Forbid. On the other hand, on further reflection, I think its kinda cool, isn't it? I have now become a Gay Icon- I have joined the ranks of David Beckham, Ranbir Kapoor, George Clooney..all the quintessential metrosexuals. In other words - I Have Arrived....


  1. Hey, didn't you know that was the tryst? What with you (salivating) flipping through Men's Health Magazine, you can't blame the poor guy. :)

  2. uh??? i was just admiring the bodybuilders hoping to get a hod bod too....there was nothing the least bit sexual about my interest in Fit male bodies ....

  3. Doktor, going through some of your old posts. Interesting!!!!

    Hope to read some more from the archives.

    Joy always,