Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vinnay Thandi Varuvaya- Review.

I know, I know that its a bit (very?) late for a review considering that its been running in the theatres for a fortnight but I have two excuses- one, that I have this policy of watching films only in theatres as a paying customer (to discourage piracy and not to cause loss to the film industry I love) and my second and more valid reason for the late viewing is due to the perfidy of a friend (traitor?) of mine who promised to take me along for the movie but ditched me to go with another group of friends- forcing me to go alone to watch the movie today (Satyam- Matinee). So my apologies for the late review..

First Impressions? - It does something to your heart. I'm still slightly under the influence. Anyway for once in his life there is no Simbu in a Simbu movie. Its the characters who live on the screen. Hats off to Gautam Menon for pulling this off. And Trisha- the actress has done a brilliant job- we alternately sympathize and get exasperated with Jessy- so much so that we forget it is Trisha who is playing a role. Never thought that she had the talent to pull this off- a landmark film for her.

Finally, the story- every knows the tagline by now - you can be friends with your ex. But it still seems such a pity that there was no happy ending- after all that they went through it would have been fitting if the two had got together in the end. Realism is Ok - that's what we always get in everyday life- where parents and society force two people apart. Atleast in films the hero should get the heroine- the heroine, for a change, should blackmail emotionally her father and walk away with the hero. I was rooting and praying for a happy wedding in the end...but the climax scene at the preview theatre completely floored me - with its dignified ending - when they both walk out together with no hard feelings/no rancour inspite of a love which as Simbu repeats "I will give my life for her".

So verdict- A film which moved me to tears. And yes, two people who if they somehow connect together and have unbelievable chemistry should stay as friends even if fate robs them of their chance for a deeper relationship. Sometimes friendship is Enough.


  1. Ah! I see through you doc - you're an incurable romantic. For all your apparent bluster, you believe in fairy tales.

    May be you're expecting a Savithri (of Satyavan) as your life companion? A fairy-tale character who exists only in your mind? Maybe that's what is inhibiting you from making a commitment?

    PS: Oops. Forgive the pop-psychoanalysis; maybe I've exceeded my brief.

  2. Incurable Romantic? that i am....and yes..i am soo much disappointed by all the real life characters i meet compared to the on-screen ones we you are spot on i think.