Sunday, March 28, 2010

What is it with Religion and Sex?

"Catholic Priests Abused Boys"
"Nithyananda caught in a Sex-Tape with an Actress" "
Delhi Sanyasi hires call-girls"

These headlines are seen on the Front pages of newspapers almost daily. So what kind of religion are these men practising? Or should we worry about that at all? Isnt it their private lives and should we worry about what they do with their spare time? These are issues I have mulling about this week....So here goes.

1) Preach what you practise.....or vice versa. If as a sanyasi you have been telling others day in and day out that women are evil-temptresses and salvation of the soul lies in control over the senses -shouldn't you atleast make an effort to "listen to yourself"? If you find that you cannot control your own bodily urges please dont falsely label natural physiological urges as someting evil to be dont realize the pschylogical damage you are causing to innocent young IDIOTS who listen to you.

2) Decide if you are a real Sanyasi ...A wise man once told me that a lot of people who should be house-holders (temperamentally) turn sanyasi's and there a lot of sanyasi's who would be better-off being house-holders. So these people should get their act together and really decide what they want out of life instead of muddling along...can I suggest pscho-therapy? Long long ago the ancients prescribed the four stages of a mans life - sanyasi comes last when you have already had a satisfying forty years(two stages-grihastha and vanavasi)of married life and sexual pleasure and are atlast mentally prepared to move on from matters of flesh.

3) Marriage- there is view that enforced celibacy is the reason for these trangressions and that the example of Protestant Pastors who are allowed to marry can eliminate this problem. But I would disagree - marriage has got nothing to do with this. You can be married and you can still be a lecher- looking at a neighbours wife - priest or not. Most men will stop at this - some fact you are more apt to stray if you are getting it daily - then if you have totally sublimated all your bodily desires to spiritual accomplishments.

4) So the whopper comes now.... does sex impede realizing God? Can we do both - have sex and be religious?. I see no contradiction- it is simply a matter of living in the moment- God rules everywhere - but inside the bedroom wife rules. As simple as that. There is no need for high-falutin discussions on attaining god through sex, like Osho says. Just compartmentalize your life and you can be a sanyasi within a marrige too. And as for those who mix up the two - my message is "get real guys".

These views are very personal and I am not accusing or advising anyone... so keep the rude comments to yourselves.

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