Thursday, October 7, 2010

Temptations of the Robotic Kind.......

Long, long ago (last year) I happened to meet a spiritual person who pointed out that if I decided to become a sanyasi and give up the ways of the flesh- I must first try and experiment giving up a few of the little pleasures which I routinely enjoyed- beforehand. On that basis I have recently (ever since May) given up watching films in the Theatre- the Big Screen Experience.

At one time of my life- I was an ardent film-fanatic. I have seen two shows continously sometimes- noon show followed by evening show. I have seen the same film daily, at the same theatre and same time. And I have absolutely enjoyed the experience of going to see a film in the theatre with a stunning big-screen experience. I dont like watching movies in DVD's at home- and always avoid doing so. For me- a movie is a Big Screen experience and watching it with a large audience.

But now that I have turned increasingly religious and have started on the path of salvation- I have been giving up my vices. I dont smoke and I dont drink - so the easy options dont exist for me. My only recongizable weakness is for watching films in theatres (and looking at girls with great curves- but even I dont think I am ready to give that up yet-sanyasi or no sanyasi). So ever since May- I have not watched a single film in theatre.

The last film I watched was an absolute delight- a gem of a movie called "How to train your Dragon" which I watched at PVR- my first time in that theatre and also at Ampa Skywalk Mall. I had not actually gone to see that movie- but it was the only one who's tickets were available that day. So I had no choice except to watch it. And the Movie rocked- it was an unbelievable experience - I absolutely loved it- it touched great heights of movie experience (and I am not joking!!!). My enjoyment of that day was so absolute- like I had made a Test Century at Perth- that it was anti-climatic to think of even going to another movie till recently.

Now there were a few other films which tempted me in recent times- Salt, Inception, Naan Mahan Alla etc- but I somehow resisited the temptatiion to go and see them. Nothing, would even come close to that PVR experience. So why try? If I was going out- let me go out with an awesome experience- let my last film be a truly memorable one. But now I am being tempted by Rajni's Endhiran- the Robot. Everyone says its great to watch on big screen. And now after all this time- I am tempted to go and see it.

Should I watch it or not? What if the movie experience sucked? And I felt later I should have stopped at Dragon? (which is my high point till now). Can Endhiran somehow displace Dragon as my ultimate movie watching experience? Is it necesssary that every new experience should neccessarily be better than the last one? Or is Dragon just a benchmark which would never be attained again in my life? And should I try and resist this temptation on the Path to SALVATION- the way of the sanyasi?

If I can resist the "Robot" temptation then I am sure I am on the right path- I am a lets see what fate has in store and how strong is my will power.

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