Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Worm in the Apple core.....

In my experience I have met many people who have not hesitated to take undue advantage of others innocence just to gain a little something in their lives or careers. And then there are some people who try to do evil or mislead others simply because they enjoy doing evil. I have been watching one such person- a Lady who is an young divorcee- for the past few weeks as she randomly picks up on other girls during their canteen visits and offers unsolicited advice.

Don't take me wrong- I have nothing against Divorcees, but if this is how they respond to others happiness- then God help these poor innocent girls who hang around listening to the diatribes against men unleashed by the failed marriage lady. She typically targets newly married girls and starts pouring poison down their ears slowly- about how not to give into your husband on anything, how to start dominating your marriage from day one, how not to trust your husband in anything at all.....no wonder her husband divorced her so fast.

And the word on the street is (though she denies it) her husband was a decent enough guy who just couldn't take her nagging and hence divorced her within a year of getting married. And this is the Lady who is now offering marital advice to all the young unmarried girls and newly wed girls. Her topic is mostly about total domination- destroying husbands ego and putting the men under feet. no wonder....and these stupid girls keep listening to her poison with open mouthed wonder. If they tried any of her tips at home- they would end up divorcees too. Maybe that's what the lady is hoping for.

Are all divorcees like that? Do they actually scheme to destroy other girls happiness too? Makes you wonder doesn't it?

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