Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Po, Oram Po.....

The Foto-challenge Contest

[Disclaimer : This post is written as part of the CBC Photo-Post contest sponsored by www.cuponation.in ]

The Picture provided for the post contest is –


Your day begins as mine ends.
You sip your coffee and read your paper
And dress up leisurely to start for office
We wipe our faces and wash our hands
And draping the same towel, start for home
Eager to rest after a break-back night.

As you hurry to work in an A/C car,
Crawling along at a slow-paced sixty,
Anger suffuses you at the mere sight of us
Hogging the road you paid taxes for
And so you scream at us in road-rage
At both two legs and four.

You roll down the window
And shout loud “Po, Po Oram Po
You slow movers, stop blocking my way
Who allowed you all on these roads?
I will write to the editor of The Hindu about you,
Nuisance and nonsense, fire and fiddlesticks,
Bullocks and buffaloes hogging the road”

Swallow your anger saar,
We go as soon as we can,
You forget that as fast as you move,
You run on four wheels pushing a 1000 horse power
While we do it on a double bullock power
And one starved and skinny at that.

So bear with us O master, curse us not
We move as fast as we can, honest.
We hurry home to our hut work done
To hide before you lot arrive on the streets
We hide that we work the night, all night
To leave your roads and your city spotless.

For we know our place in this country of ours
We know that your India is not my Bharath
And till the two meet someday
We will Go, Oram Go.


  1. Loved this one Dok. I'm sure you're going to upset the others who entered their entries.

    All the best.

    Joy always,

    1. ah Susan, just something i scribbled to get you off my back...jus' kidding

  2. Creativity unlimited! Hats off Ganesh.

    1. vaanga Jo, enga romba naala allay kanom?

  3. Ganesh ungalluku prize nichayam :) elegantly crafted and beautifully worded :)

    SUPER :)

    1. well, i had to compete with the likes of you mahesh, so i had to dig deep and find something....

  4. Bloody brilliant entry, Doctor! Your best ever post, I'd say. Loved each and every line of it. I'm sure you are going to be the undisputed winner in this category.

    1. thanks Sowmya...my best? not a patch to some unpublished stuff i have....but i have never thought of this blog as a place for publishing my poetry or short stories or stuff..i write on "other topics" here, you know? should i start putting up more of my poetry stuff? and stories here?

  5. Neat poem, Doc.... I liked the part about fire and fiddlesticks, will sound good at a poetry recital. I wrote a poem too... a smaller one though.

    1. thanks Karen..although i didnt intend it to be read aloud..i just had to put together a few words with the deadline approaching and susan breathing down my neck...and yeah, i read yours too, a unique perspective as befitting an animal lover's

  6. Brilliant piece of writing.

  7. Lovely Ganesh sire! We would speak with the Hindu editors about this most certainly indeed, for that seems to be a unwritten job descr for us...

    Do visit my blog! Would love to see you by! *cheers*

  8. Just read this, saar. Hats off. Brilliant!

    Oru vela neenga thaan andha sangeetdha vidhwan VTV ganesh, oo? :D

    1. thanks Anush....analum "naan avan ella" i am plain gilli ganesh, not vtv ganesh...and the origin of the nickname is a story for another day..

  9. I loved the concept!