Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Faithless

The Faithless

It’s a tough moment in life when someone you believed was your friend betrays you without a second thought. At some level, intellectually, you understand that what occurred is not unique to you, that it happens every day to everyone and there is nothing to be done except to move on and let it go but still the first shock of betrayal and the consequent thought of having been such a fool to be taken in like this - hook, line and sinker by a confidence trickster- "that" that is quite jarring at first notice. And then as you swallow the betrayal and think it over calmly you come to realize that the fault lies partially with you for failing to see that the other person was just using you as a ladder to move up in life while you believed that it was eternal friendship. In their mind you were just not the friend that they were in your mind - you were just a means to an end; an acquaintance who could prove useful someday and now that there was no more need you have been discarded without a backward glance. This bitter fact of being discarded after being judged useless hurts- hurts the ego if anything- but as better men than I have said before- the truth may hurt but its nevertheless necessary- for instead of going along in the false fog of belief in "eternal friendship/yeh dosti" the stark bright truth of betrayal is preferable any day- to let you know where you stand in relation to that friendship/person.

Right now at the very first moment of backstabbing it becomes easy to turn cynical and start doubting everyone- every friendship- as just one more betrayal waiting to happen when the conditions are right. But there, that’s exactly what one must guard against- ward against stone- to not let the betrayal of one person turn you into something you are not originally- a cold hearted person suspicious of everyone’s motives. In short to fight against the temptation to turn your heart into stone so that no one can betray you by taking you by surprise again. It’s easy, quite easy and so tempting to turn heart into stone and bar its gates to all your friends - but if once you start going down that path and become suspicious of every friend - you never know how it will end-  but i guess mostly in a lonely life filled with no fun, I suppose.

And so I will fight. I will swallow the betrayal. I will try to forget it and move on- it’s too early to forgive. And I will try my uttermost not to be suspicious of the motives of all my other friends. I will try to shun the easy path of cynicism and continue to trust everyone and never look back over the shoulder to see who is planning to betray me. And i will hope that people will prove themselves to be good friends and restore my faith in friendship. Finally I hope that if there is a providence somewhere let it judge the rights of what happened- if people use and discard friends for temporary benefits do they really deserve the success they get from that betrayal? Only god alone can decide and I leave it to him.

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