Thursday, December 26, 2013

Operation Cobra-Gate - We Investigate.......

Operation Cobra-Gate -We Investigate

And in an alternate world in an alternate universe, in an unnamed foreign country, in an unnamed city, in an unnamed building, in a decrepit office, two anonymous men talk to each other early in the morning...this is the highlights of the conversation recorded by our intrepid reporter:

Good morning Chief, can I talk to you for a minute?

Ah yes, come in, come in and take a seat

Chief did you read my report?

Uh, yes, I did, interesting premise, very interesting...

And? do you agree with my conclusions chief? Can we operationalize it?

Well, i have not taken a firm decision yet, have to think about all the ramifications of it, it’s a big decision to take you know, so why don’t you walk me through it one more time?

Well, ok chief, it’s a very simple plan, you know we have this agent called Snake right?

She is a "double" isn’t she?

Yes chief, a double agent- they sent her over and we turned her to us.

I have seen her "take" and to be frank i am not impressed with what she gives us.

Well chief, to tell the truth she is pretty fair down the ladder right now and that is exactly what my idea is all about- to change her status, to give her a boot-up her career and make her useful to us.

But your idea is a bit risky boy- you want to provoke an international incident to promote our agent, but what if it blows up in our faces? And how sure are you that they will play along with us? What if they play smart? And just let it go?

Never chief, i may not be a psychologist but I do have a good read on that part of the world. They are weak and like all weak ones they are vain- with an exaggerated sense of importance to hide their lack of confidence. They merely pretend to aspire for the big table- they know they don’t actually belong there yet. I can guarantee they don’t have the sense to pick and choose their fights like all big boys do. They even make such stupid decisions emotionally that any politician just has to die before they elect his widow or son or daughter - no matter how undeserving. you think this will definitely work?

Yes it will chief, we provoke them initially and then dial it back and stay cool and then they themselves do the rest of our work for us. Our agent gets promoted, put in a plum place and we reap all the intelligence benefits sitting here.

And our agent has been briefed? Will she play along?

Of course chief, the cavity-search was her refinement- we were just going to do the strip search. She is highly motivated to get that promotion.

Good for her. That is one smart lady.

Then it’s a "GO" chief?

Son you have convinced me, but you do realize that i have to take this upstairs to get final clearance?

Of course chief, but I don’t need to remind you to keep this top-secret right? This lady could help us a lot and i prefer no loose talk- not even to defend ourselves. Let’s play the bad guys with panache and wait for the windfall from our agent.

Son, you don’t have to teach me operational security - i was running agents worldwide when you were still in kindergarten. So, tell me, have you picked a code-word for this operation yet?

Chief, I thought up "Operation Cobra-Gate"

Hahhaaa...that is indeed funny, you have a fine sense of humor will go places and so will our double agent. Did i hear a noise somewhere? Go check outside the door, will you?

[And that’s when our intrepid reporter decided he had heard enough and made a quick exit from that place via the air conditioning vents....]

P.S. This is a work of fiction and the incidents, places and people written above are purely imaginary and not intended to hurt anyone.

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