Monday, October 27, 2014

Too Much Info…..

Too Much Info…..

This happened in a large teaching hospital with a patient who had reported for a minor surgery and was allotted an intern to be operated by

Me : Call me when you are ready to start- after anesthetizing the patient. I have to check this PG student’s surgery which is nearly over and I will be with you to oversee your surgery.

Intern : yes sir, yes sir,  all right sir. (leaving out just the 3 bags full)

Me : (approaching a few minutes later) Everything ready? Shall we start?

Intern : yes sir.

Me: (taking knife in hand) – Let me make the first incision. So, which area?

Intern : First I was living in vysarpadi sir, now we have shifted to perambur.

Me : (giggling into my mask which is thankfully hiding my face)- I meant the area of surgery- right or left? Which side?  And I don’t mean your house site…

Intern : silence.

And I wonder why this kind of thing happens only to me. 


  1. Indha article-kkum indha padathukkum enna sambandham???

    1. Real life is also like shadow-play (bommalatam) sometimes....nenachadhu vera/nadanthadhu vera