Sunday, February 15, 2015

Facebook Told Me So…..

Facebook Told Me So…..

So there I was on Valentines Day this year, yet again #Forever Alone as the internet meme goes and wondering where I went wrong with my life to be so. And despite reading all those advice columns from dating sites shared on my timeline (Facebook and Twitter) by my ever so gracious friends (mostly singles too) the only conclusion I came to was, I am weak in my GAME- there was a glaring error somewhere on my playbook, you know, the one they refer to as the bible of the relationship game. Now, one of the most recurring themes on loneliness and relationships which dating sites talk about is fear of commitment- about how singles, especially men, are too scared and commitment phobic and hang back when it comes to making it official. Me, on the other hand have always been the opposite.

One date which has me swooning and there I am on the second date with a song on my lips, a ring in my pocket and an offer to update my Facebook status as “in a relationship with”. And the end result is – the girl runs off screaming at the very sight of me. I know I should, but I just cant control the excessive outpouring of emotions which come with every new relationship- I reason it to be a natural outcome of my happiness.  And naturally all those commitment phobic  girls, ok I am exaggerating, normal girls who would like to get to know a person better before they commit, sprint like Usain Bolt, at the very sight of “romantic” me.

 So this means that my relationships revolve around awesome first dates and then, yeah, only that. So that makes me the real life Indian version (Adam Sandler equivalent) of fifty first dates or the guy who never goes on second dates.  Which realization at this late stage has brought me to this new resolution of mine- of biting my tongue and holding back from committing and playing hard to get from now on.  Before you start throwing things at me let me assure you that all this “oh I am such a great catch that I am so hard to get” pose is just that- a pose- its not the real me- but a change in my game plan to finally snare the one, ahh ok, the next one.

 And if and when, after an year or two of dating, she finally gets around to asking me “what took you so long to make up your mind?” I am going to reply “honey, I was ready to propose the next minute after I met you- but wiser persons than me on Facebook told me not to” and I hope she buys it….

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