Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Spammer in the Works

I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of mail I recieve in my various e-mail ID's. Previously , when we just had snail mail - my correspondence used to be pretty erratic and infrequent. But now I get to meet a lot of new friends and well-wishers who mail me so often- almost daily, that, I fear I am on their mind most of the day (and night).

There is this nice lady, from Holland (whose I.P. address I traced back) , who is a very frequent correspondent of mine and who is very particularly worried about my sex life. Almost everyday, she reminds me to "Enlarge my Reproductive Organ" and she is constantly worried about the length, or rather the lack of it. I am quite astounded at her solicitude and her anxiety to improve my till now non-existing sexual life and her ingenious ideas to better myself to offer "Full Satisfaction" (her words). Her constant worry about the size of my organ, even when I'm not myself worried about its current state, made me write a nice mail back to her, where, I enquired about her health and well-being, and then I expressed astonishment that "my size" was such a hot topic of interest in Holland and then , I enquired of her, (quite gently) the source of that false and malicious rumour suggesting that I was "ill-equipped" ( I included exact measurements in both metric and imperial measurements - cm's and inches) and I vouchsafed statistics to prove that far from being lacking I was right in the middle of the average Indian measurement curve, in other words, it wasn't time to start worrying yet....... She didn't reply to me for a couple of weeks after that mail. then one day she resumed the old correspondence with new offers of Viagra-Substitutes to help "ease my mind" . I absolutely fail to see the connection between peace of mind and intake of Sildenafil Citrate and I have written back to her asking for further details and more information on my peace of mind thing....

Then there is a nice gentleman from America who offers to get me loans from banks in the United States without any collateral. I was simply touched at his generosity - I mean our local Corporation bank branch where I have a small savings account (transferred from my Piggy-bank) refused to grant me a vehicle loan after much procrastination- they delayed the sanction so much and made me keep going back for umpteen visits, that I entirely dropped the idea of buying a vehicle and am quite satisfied with the public transport buses (PTC, hats off) and here was this gentleman offering to stand surety for me from America!!!! I wrote him back a nice letter with my appreciation of his offer and then I politely refused , by informing him that my conscience wouldn't stand it, if he were to sacrifice himself to help me enjoy luxuries which I don't miss at the moment and if I were ever to change my mind, he would be the first person , I would let know. He hasn't acknowledged my letter yet, busy man he must be, such a philanthropist...

This is the power of the Internet - when they say that it empowers people all-over this is what they must mean.. You not only get to meet a lot of new friends sitting at home - you also gain so much new knowlegde of things happening all around you. It just requires you to be courteous enough to reply immediately..... Welcome to Web 2.0 - where the world worries about you and offers you unsolicited help..

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