Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dicing With The Devil....Free Verse

Dicing With The Devil

What the world will be
Is not what it is
The world hangs in balance
And time stops still
Quivering and straining
Not a second forward
The world waits
And time awaits
For what comes next

Time has come for all
To stand arm to arm together
For Now is the time to roll the dice
A time to punt all life on a throw
Aces to aces, doubles to win
And death to those who fail to see
For all life has stopped
To stare at the dice
The world hangs in balance
And even time waits on me.

The devil is on the other side
Watching me throw
Fire and brimstone, he reeks so sulfur
I clamp my nose and play my game
Even the devil cant beat me
For today I ride reckless
Trusting my luck.

For am I not the dearly beloved
Of her Highness Lady Luck?
Elusive no more, there she is,
Whispering sweetly in my ears
On, forth, roll that dice,
For todays the day you beat that devil
Smiling at her, I do as she bids
Hands clasped behind my back
Leaning at my ease.

I ride my luck and throw that dice
The world, the world, the entire world
On one throw of my wrist,
One whim of my luck
The dice falls and spins around
It bounces and rattles
And the world awaits.

Quick, take a peek, I close my eyes,
Tell me, do we live, to fight again?
Yes we will, the cheering starts
Fortune favors me,
Goddess Luck in love
And the world is saved by a thread (again).

P.S: I rarely write verse, unless mentally disturbed/distracted. So when I was recently too high strung/anxious and looking to work that extra energy off somehow, I wrote this free verse on how it would be to play a game with the Old ‘Un himself. Of course, I would back my luck any day. Even against him. But with the fate of the world in balance? Do I dare? Would you? Tell me….


  1. Is this reflective of something... is someone out to get you? why do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders...
    Nice freestyling, don't let the Devil win...

    1. ah touched my weak spot....but don't worry i am not least not yet..but of course, all of us feel the weight of the world on our shoulders- sometime or the other don't we? its up to us to just shrug it off and move on...or at least that's what i practice...and No..i wont let the devil win..he cant match me when it comes to the crunch...

  2. If you have won that round, it just means that you never owned what you had staked, The devil knew that.
    The devil NEVER loses in a game of chance.