Sunday, April 12, 2015

Do Good Guys Finish Last, Always?

Do Good Guys Finish Last, Always?

So someone told me this morning the age old cliche of “awww shucks, you poor guy, dontcha know that good guys finish last”. I felt tempted to ask that person immediately but isnt that a good thing - finishing last? Arent more marriages breaking up nowadays because the guy finishes first and then goes off to sleep? And the poor partner has to let off steam by herself? So whats wrong with lasting the course and finishing last? But then again the person I was talking to wouldn't appreciate the sarcasm or get what I was talking about….which means once again #nobody but nobody gets my jokes.

So I tried to take it in the same meaning she spoke about – trying to imply that I am and would be a loser as long as I was a good guy. So here’s my riposte to that fake sympathy- I could think of a dozen reasons why good guys have it…well good despite being losers and here are a few

1) We stop to admire the view never mind if we lose the rat race- it’s the process of simply turning up and running which matters and taking in the sights along the way because winning is important but not all that important in the long run.

2) We help pick up a fallen comrade and fellow runner - never mind even if it’s a competitor for tomorrow karma will come back to lend us a hand when we trip and fall. We get that- even if others don’t.

3) We understand that no race is final there is always one more to run after this – so we don’t mind that losing feeling- it just means its taking us a bit longer to win.

4) We don’t just shut down our feelings and move away- we wallow in them, understand them, learn from them and come out healed and stronger for the process.

5) We almost always end up with other good girls when it comes to relationships- because only those who can look past the glamour of the winners can recognize kindred souls among the also-rans.

So with these few reason I would tell her and other go-getting ass-kicking winners- I don’t mind being called a loser as long as I remain – even in your shallow opinions- a good guy. Being good is a choice I make daily- I work on it all the time and resist the temptation to be selfish and snobbish and an all-round pain in the ass. And I would never change it to win your approval. The race to be an Alpha-male is quite exhausting and never ending and it almost never has an happy ending for anyone involved. I would rather be a happy man than be a winner even if it means I am called a loser….good guy is what I am , what I will be, what I aspire to be. End of response.

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