Friday, April 24, 2015

Why I Am Not Your Typical Man.

Why I Am Not Your Typical Man.

Ok, lets get some thing clear first- I am a man, a real manly man. But there are some things in which I am not that typical man women are accustomed to. Here are a few of those which are uppermost in my mind and which I hope the female mind will understand
1.     I Go First – Unlike a typical man who stands on male ego and ceremony I understand that sometimes you have to go first – be brave enough to break the silence first, apologize first, forgive first, yield first, be emotionally vulnerable first and open up first- even at the risk of being hurt. I understand that life is too short for everything to be fair and balanced and things to even out. If I need to- I will step up first and do what’s necessary- regardless of whether I am though of as a wimp or desperate. I see people dying everyday- sudden and unexpected and I really don’t think that any amount of ego is worth letting a relationship decline in silence because no one was willing to step forward first. If I am gonna be still ignored- so be it- I will never have that regret that I didn’t try everything, everything possible  that I could do and despite my  best efforts fate has the final say.
2.     I Hold Myself Accountable –  I mess up – a lot. Of course I do  - I am a human being- someone who has evolved from a monkey and still carries those genes inside. So once I learn that I am in the wrong and I have hurt someone else- even inadvertently – I will accept responsibly for messing up and apologize. I just hope the other person remembers that nobody is perfect and accidents happen and people rarely mess up deliberately.
3.     I Am Over-Expressive Emotionally-  Now this I have been told is not a typical manly attribute. But what the hell- I would rather blurt out whats on my mind and be vulnerable to being hurt rather than carry it to my grave unsaid- just because I want to look like the strong silent manly type. I am emotionally open and I welcome others to look into my heart and understand the real me. With me there is no need to guess for I will tell you all about myself given enough time.
4.     I Am Constantly There –   And if I keep texting or calling all the time even with nothing to say actually, its because I am trying to show that I care a lot and cant imagine a day coming when that special person wont be around anymore in my life. That scares me a lot and hence I want to make the most of the present when you are actually there by reminding you how much I value your presence in my life by calling or texting even in the middle of my hyper busy work life just to say a hello or hi. If that makes me a pest (a persistent caller) just let me know and I will cease and desist forthwith.
5.     I Ignore My Pain To Celebrate Your Smile- most people don’t understand how difficult it is to be there for someone else and to celebrate their happiness when you are not having the best of times yourself. But I can ignore my issues – deal with them in my own time and be a part of all your happiness. I am never one to rain on someone’s parade but will always be supportive when needed –internal bleeding be damned.

So these are a few things in which I am not what you expect or have previously experienced in a man. They say that every individual is different. Well, this is me. 

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