Sunday, July 22, 2007

Do I Look like Archiekins? - Or a Red Headed Rockstar?

An Unusual Affliction has affected me and it was caused by my own inability to stand firm on issues of prime importance. To summarize - I made the cardinal error of dropping into the Salon or as it is termed nowadays - the Parlor in a half-awake state. The regular hairdresser, who calls himself my personal stylist and who had been waiting a long time for such an opportunity to catch me off my guard - pounced. He made elaborate suggestions on styling my scanty hairs and I let him go on foolishly without cutting him off right at the outset, as I always do. He continued his gripe on my reluctance to grow a moushtache and felt it decreased my manliness- and I slowly drifted off into a semi stupor as he continued in this vein and he mistaking my nodding head to mean aggrement with his views (Retro is in) - proceeded to style my head in the 1960's rock band - The Beatles fashion. When I finally woke up and looked in the mirror I screamed - and he hurriedly suggested coloring up my hair to disguise the cut. I reluctantly agreed and chose a Deep Burgundy and somehow again there was mix-up and I was shocked to notice on washing off that my hair is now a bright cheerful red. I look like a Red-headed John Lennon and all that is left to do is join the Red-Headed league. I have been hiding out at home since then and venturing out only in the dark- like a vampire, I suppose - avoiding places of bright lights and crowds - hoping the color will wear off and my hair will grow back to its unruly mop. My underground sojourn still continues.....


  1. ok i understand your problem - same here

  2. ...LOL>.. that was indeed a hair raising experience...u made me want to dig out a similar blog of mine i had written years ago...! good one!