Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter - the review

I have a little confession to make first - I was one of the first to queue up on Saturday Morning at Landmark in Nungambakkam (elbowing aside little twerps who dared to come in front) to get "THE BOOK" . And you know what - half way through - sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning - maybe 2AM or thereabouts - I kept the book aside and didn't go back to it for 3 days - till I finally finished it today. This has never happened before with Mr.Potter - especially with all the anticipation for the climax. Just that the book is not upto Rowlings usual standards- for one thing there is no Hogwarts. I especially loved Part 5- The Order of the Phoenix- because it so damned reminded me of my own college with Dolores Umbridge as my Chief and Fudge as the Princy. I could connect with the rebellion of the students against authority- if you know what I mean. But this one is just a mish mash of the Da Vinci Code and Lord of the Rings- Return of the King. There is faithful Hermione playng Sam's part to perfection and Harry Potter walking out to his own death....Boooo. I want more... I want a bettter book or my money back. It finally picks up in the climax fight - again at Hogwarts with everyone joining in - to support Harry in a cinematic finish. But you just can't beat the ennui which sets in halfway through with a rough and tumble ending can you? Frankly I expected more from Rowling than a family get-together in time for the end. If I wanted to read such a book - There is always that "immortal classic" from the master of the westerns - Louis L'amour's the 'Sackett Brand' - the story which goes like - "If you Hunt one Sackett You Hunt us all" Bet Rowling has a copy on top of her shelf at home. BUT, and yes it is a big But - one small lapse near the end - one bad book in the series should'nt make us forget the immense pleasure of reading the Harry Potter series over the last 10 years - literally growing up with it. So thanks Mrs. Rowling - we loved your books very much. Hip, Hip Hooray.......

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