Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dance Baby Dance

In a spell of momentary madness (everyone has those, right?) I went and did the unthinkable- joined a dance class at Swingers academy of dance... And right now there are a lot of disgruntled would-be dancers at Singers with bruised bodies who were dancing within 5 metres in my proximity. Can't help it can I, if in a burst of misplaced enthusiasm and excessive energy I go around stamping on people's feet and poking them in the wrong places? And the look on the instructor's face (sorry, Shiva) is priceless - when I'm doing my exercise routine - he keeps reminding me it's a Dance Class and I have to dance - not just make some moves and try not to hurt other people and would I for gods sake not keep forgetting todays routine and end up improvising by adding and mixing last week's Salsa steps into this weeks Hip-Hop moves... The way that guy goes - he's sure to either end up with hypertension/stroke (he's already foaming at the mouth at the end of each class) or else Swinger's is gonna have to look for a "New Instructor" soon. If this was regular school I would be writing imposition all day long....Well, in my defence I'd have to confess that the rest of the students there, my fellow dancers are on an average ten years younger than me--- School Kids most of them in their teens. But what I lack in style, speed etc - I more than make up in my enthusiasm- so they can't kick me out yet... well my adventures on the road to self discovery goes on.. and for all those who doubted me- that I wouldn't survive the first class- it's almost a month and I'm still going strong... not gonna stop till they refund my money and throw me out. And its who blinks first..Swingers or me? And the adventure continues.....

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