Friday, July 20, 2007

If Two's A Crowd - What about the Whole Gang?


Lightning is never supposed to strike at the same place again is common myth. Right, it is a myth - for it keeps striking me again and again against all rules in Unexpected places and Unwanted times. There's a cool tingle as the current passes through the body, the heart starts galloping and I break out into a sweat. Yes, Gentleman and Ladies, you guessed it right- I got a new crush- on an unknown girl- just a single glimpse and I'm down.. And as my crushes have a very short shelf-life I should probably get a move-on to ascertain the availabiltiy status and check for any advance reservation. I'll try to get a word today...

Another day and another episode in my never ending romantic life.... The objective this time was to do a Die-Hard. Yes, for those of you who remember the Bruce Willis starrer as Detective John Mclane - the plot goes something like this - Hero's alone in a building with a host of dimwit terrorists who just wont let him get a few moments alone with this wife....comprende? Now shift the scenario Chennai-wards- Hero , (ok,Ok, I can hear the sniggers) Scratch that out- Now lets start Again.. Good Dude sees someone who gives him high BP (watta girl*********)and the bad dudes - the rest of her batchmates won't give him the privacy to say a few meaningful words (uh! uh! whats the time?) to her.... Come on, everyone has to make a start somewhere and if the object of your attraction is so very popular and is always with a crowd (the wolf-pack?) what's a guy supposed to do? - Pick them off one by one with an axe/chainsaw? Sometimes these girls have got no sense - they notice me hanging around the fringes all the time and still act as if they are least bothered- which is probably the truth... Now I would appreciate some intelligent suggestions to break through the gang and do the talking-up - and please leave out the 'Drop-it' advice thing- As James Bond says- "You only live once" and like Abimanyu I'm gonna gate-crash the Gynecology Department to talk to her even if I dont' think up an emergency exit route- I can always blame a short-term memory loss, can't I?

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  1. Doc... your sense of humour rocks! keep it sure have an alternate profession in hand.. cheers!