Monday, March 31, 2014

Stop with the Back-slaps.

Stop with the Back-slaps.

So on Saturday I was at a colleagues’ farewell party, said colleague leaving the city to re-locate in a different place with family in tow and all of us co-workers got together to throw him a small party before he left to show him a little appreciation for the years he had worked with us. In the midst of the party which I had helped organize the conversation somehow veered around to my latest exploits work wise.  For those not in the know (not reading this blog regularly) I have been having a quite productive first quarter and nothing is respected more by my peer circle than professional (and financial) success. So there were plenty of congratulations coming my way all evening which I was accepting with good grace except for the added twist of patting forcefully on my back with a hearty “great job” which seemed by far the most popular means of approval among my peers. 

I for one would have preferred a simple handshake or even a nod to all this back slaps and pats. But I had to perforce go through with it every time someone wanted to appreciate me again which they kept doing again and again as the evening progressed. When I finally escaped the party venue and headed home I sighed with relief.  Unfortunately the relief proved to be short lived for when I woke up on Sunday morning my back was pretty sore with all those hearty slaps given by heavy hands. I, like the next man, appreciate being recognized for my good work but can we at least from next time keep it down a mite? A good, hearty handshake, maybe? Spare the back and just give the praise, people. Ok?


  1. Doc, wear bullet proof vests next time...

    1. or dance out of arms length karen...thats what i am planning next time